Welcome to this site dedicated to the IST MODEL Technology, an innovative PATENTED technology designed to guarantee the highest levels of security during communications and transactions over the Internet.

Benvenuti in questo sito dedicato alla Tecnologia IST MODEL, progettata per garantire il più alto livello di sicurezza nelle comunicazioni e transazioni su Internet.
IST MODEL è una tecnologia innovativa brevettata.

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IST Model - A Quick Review

IST Model (Intrinsic Security Technology Model) is a new computer technology designed to strongly enforce security in electronic Transactions over unsecured networks like Internet: for its characteristics of intrinsic security IST Model is completely safe from much of the well known actual security attacks (Patented).

IST Model is based upon a powerful method for Identifying electronic Partners over unsecured networks, with high degree of security, strength and reliability.

The first main area of usage for IST Model is the e-commerce, but it is likely to be used in all activities where Identification is a key issue, for example a Lock/Unlock door system, or a Space Robotic probe that receives commands from the Earth Control Centre etc etc.

Reaching a higher level of security in electronic Transactions is a fundamental topic needed for a wider diffusion of electronic payment systems. Up to now crypting techniques are at the base of the most used and advanced security systems, either at application level or at infrastructure level: they can provide an high level of security, but the exponential growth of computational power of the personal computer machines, the possibility to connect them in a "multicomputer-like" architecture and the strong augment of security attacks are leading to a growing possible danger.

The designing of IST Model is based on a different approach and complementary to the cryptography. The result is a new technology able to Ensure Intrinsic Security during an electronic Transaction between two or more Partners, protecting the Transaction itself in all its steps.

By using IST Model in your business tou can define a Transaction to do everything you need to fit your needs.

IST Model is designed as an open protocol, to be stackable over existing standard communication protocols, allowing to safe previous investments.

The engine of this technology guarantees fast algorithms, suitable even for thin devices.

IST Model is a Patented Technology: IT Patent no. 1357523 (date Mar. 16 2009); US Patent no. US 8,612,758 B2 (date Dec. 17, 2013 - Priority IT Oct. 08, 2004 MI2004A1913 ).

Here you can find a short introduction to the model