Welcome to this site dedicated to the IST MODEL Technology, an innovative PATENTED technology designed to guarantee the highest levels of security during communications and transactions over the Internet.

Benvenuti in questo sito dedicato alla Tecnologia IST MODEL, progettata per garantire il più alto livello di sicurezza nelle comunicazioni e transazioni su Internet.
IST MODEL è una tecnologia innovativa brevettata.

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About Me

Welcome to this site in which I present my last invention, the IST Model. I am Sergio Sestili (Livorno, Italy) and here there are a few information about me.

University of Pisa, Master degree in Computer Science, Computer Science, Advanced Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (1983 – 1988)

Degree dissertation in the field of Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ("Recognition and Learning of 3D objects in an unstructured polyhedrons world by using ACTIVE TACTILE PERCEPTION")

One scientific publication from the degree dissertation presented at the "11th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society" (no. 9-12 1989, Seattle -USA-): "Learning Objects by Tactile Perception"

I invented a new patented technology to strongly enforce security during electronic Internet transactions: IT Patent no. 1357523 (date Mar. 16 2009), US Patent no. US 8,612,758 B2 (date Dec. 17, 2013 - Priority IT Oct. 08, 2004 MI2004A1913 ).

I am one of the three final candidates in the last Italian Astronaut selection (ASI, 2001/2002). In 2002 I spent a week at ESA European Astronaut Centre (Cologne) and passed all the tests needed for Psychological and Medical Certification to long duration space flight missions

Im the only owner and manager of an Italian language blog dedicated to space activities (here)

I am currently Project Manager and the only designer and software architect of the unique Italian software system being used by the main Italian railway company for interfacing, reading and processing data coming from “On-Board” devices installed into trains (black box, diagnostic data, GPS data).
Important issues are: diagnostic data monitoring, automatic rule-based control system, software tools for analysing remote data, GIS software, multitasking, FIFO queues to communicate between remote systems, job scheduler, web interfaces, remote collaboration, real time monitoring system (ecc. ecc.)

Definition and implementation of a rule based engine to automatically monitor all the incoming data to verify the level of security

Definition and realization of a communication software layer based on multitasking and FIFO queues to ensure secure and reliable data delivery

Design and realization of an experimental software solution (and several prototypes) for connecting remote mobile systems with ground systems in order to define strong and secure communication and collaboration services.